Google Center of Excellence

Google Center of Excellence

Tools, automation & scalability

Google Marketing Platform organizes your entire online marketing and analytics. Managing everything from one platform makes it easier to share data. Display & Video 360 enables you to create dynamic ads and video to serve the right message in every moment of the customer journey – fully automated.  You can apply advanced bid strategies for the most efficient use of your budget.

  • Display & Video 360
  • Search Ads 360
  • Analytics 360
  • Data Studio
  • Optimize 360
  • Surveys 360
  • Tag Manager 360

Data & Insights

In order to achieve maximum result from the Google Marketing Platform we use our extensive knowledge of data science. Like creating your own DMP to make Google Analytics 360 and Display & Video fully data-driven. Or we can optimize and automate dynamic creatives with data transfer files and Google Marketing Cloud. We master the following tools:

  • BigQuery
  • Cloud Dataflow
  • TensorFlow
  • Cloud ML

Full funnel approach

You want to be able to show relevant ads in every fase of the customer journey. The combination of Display & Video 360 and Google Analytics 360 can give you a clear overview of the entire customer journey. Use advanced attribution models to measure supporting conversions and cross-device conversions. Search Ads 360 enables you to adjust conversion data afterwards. For example to process returns and cancellations, so the quality of your data improves.

Goals & Measurement

With Google Marketing Platform you can set clear goals and KPI’s and measure them. Visualize data with Google Analytics 360 & Google Data Studio. Optimize Display & Video settings in relation to Google Analytics 360.

Geoffrey Davies, head of Digital Marketing at Aegon:

'Personalization, targeting and automation of the customer journey are the key focus points of our digital marketing strategy. This enables us to improve marketing spend efficiency and increase relevance for our prospects and customers at the same time. With NEWCRAFT we create extra execution power to not just develop technical capabilities worldwide, but especially to build the skills and know-how to use these capabilities. You can give your teams a Ferrari, but they also have to learn how to drive.'


  • Hybrid teams

    We believe the best results are achieved by close cooperation

  • Multi-disciplinary

    Everything your need for success is here; from content to data science

  • Result-driven

    No endless PowerPoints, we work on concrete results

  • Transferring capabilities

    We make sure to transfer our capabilities to your teams


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