What is it?

The NEWCRAFT Service Jam on February 9th 2018 is an annual event that focuses on tackling an exciting service design challenge. Multi-disciplinary teams combine their skills and expertise to develop a new service concept to tackle this years challenge for the World Wide Fund for Nature, WWF!

The teams consist of students, staff members, and the actual target group, all supported by NEWCRAFT coaches who’ll guide the participants through Design Thinking techniques. Everyone works with one thing in mind: beat the challenge!

After one day of hard work, the teams present their ideas to an expert jury. The winning concept will be developed further by the WWF-Netherlands!

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WWF: The world is where we live

The WWF Challenge

In our modern society, we lost contact with nature.

But we are…


and there’s a little voice in all of us, that makes us feel a bit guilty.

Let’s combine our voices and create a solution to:


WWF & NEWCRAFT challenge 2018

2016 Edition

The 2016 Service Jam edition was a collaboration with the LUMC, which focused on developing new concepts to help smoothen the treatment-transition for children with long-term illness.

The challenge: ‘Create a solution to ease the transition phase rom child-to-adult patient.’

The teams consisted of patients, parents, doctors, Industrial Design- and Medical students. After 2 days of collaboration, enthusiasm, happy patients and 2000+ Post-its, the results were ready; 4 new concepts to battle the problems a young patient faces.

Status: the winning concept is being implemented!

Together we can create anything.

2016 Edition: Collaborating with LUMC

The Location

The Service Jam takes place at the WWF-Netherlands Headquarters in Zeist.

Driebergseweg 10
3708 JB Zeist


  1. Who can participate in the Service Jam?
    You can participate in the Service Jam when you’re in one of the following categories:
    – Master Design student (Industrial Design, Design Academy, HKU, TU Twente)
    – Master Sustainability student
  2. Why should I join the Service Jam?
    The Service Jam is a chance to share, learn, and meet. You have the opportunity to share your skills and enthusiasm with other students within the context of a real-life problem. You’ll learn a lot about Design Thinking techniques and how to use them in a complex challenge. You’ll meet the real people behind the challenge, no more fictional exercises but a chance to make a difference. How awesome is it to see your idea come to life!
  3. How do I sign up?
    When you’re in one of the 2 categories listed at question 1, you can sign up until January 22nd. Sign up, using the register button at the top of this page.
  4. When and where will the Service Jam take place?
    The Service Jam takes place on Friday the 9th of February 2018. The location is the WWF-Netherlands Headquarters in Zeist; Driebergseweg 10, 3708 JB Zeist.
  5. I’m a Bachelor’s student, can I still participate?
    Yes, you can still participate in the Service Jam. However, Masters students have priority, so you’ll possibly be placed on the waiting list.
  6. What language will be used during the Service Jam?
    The Service Jam will be held in Dutch.
  7. How do I prepare for the Service Jam?
    You’ll receive a short assignment a week in advance, so you become familiar with the topic. We’ll make sure to get your brain in a creative mind-set so you’ll bring your A-game when we get started!
  8. How do I stay up-to-date about the Service Jam?
    One we receive your application, we’ll keep you informed about the Service Jam through the website and email. And of course, you’ll receive a confirmation mail when you’ve earned a spot.

The Coaches

The Service Jam team consists of 6 service design coaches, who will facilitate one day of creative thinking and share their expertise and experience within the creative commerce field.