NEWCRAFT certified Salesforce partner

NEWCRAFT can now call itself one of the few certified Salesforce partners in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam – November 1st 2017 (latest update: November 6th 2017)

The advance of Salesforce technology within marketing organizations of many corporates has been the reason for NEWCRAFT to specialize in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot and Salesforce DMP. This positions the company to help clients in the Netherlands and internationally with strategy, execution and building capabilities around Salesforce marketing technology.

Renzo Taal, Senior Vice President Northern Europe and General Manager of Salesforce in the Netherlands: “Today, everyone and everything is becoming smarter and more connected than ever, and companies that focus on customer success have the best chance of thriving in a connected world. NEWCRAFT is leveraging the Salesforce platform to accelerate business success of its A-brand clients.”

Talent development program
Marketing automation is an important focus of NEWCRAFT’s; next to the Centers of Excellence of marketing technology providers, starting three years ago NEWCRAFT has had a talent development program around data science, marketing automation and content marketing, with Salesforce playing an important part in this program.

NEWCRAFT director Martijn Haanappel: “We’re very proud to have become one of the few certified Salesforce partners in the Netherlands. It’s an exciting time to be a Salesforce partner, especially with the recent news of the ground breaking partnership with Google and what it will mean for sales and marketing teams. We believe our centers of excellence around Salesforce and Google are positioned nicely to be even more interconnected than before, offering our clients even more capabilities to accelerate their digital marketing. Our approach does not only aim at strategy, execution and concrete results, but also at training so we can become redundant in the end.”


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