Get ready to accelerate…

You’ll be trained weekly by the top professionals from the business. Visibility, organic traffic & conversion; you’ll dream, it you’ll talk it, you’ll live it. At the same time you’ll start working for our A-brand clients to put your new skills to practice. You’ll be coached by experienced SEO specialists (a.k.a. blackbelts) on professional level and your team lead is guiding you personally. They’re always there to ensure an effective and fun traineeship. You’ll get plenty of responsibility and freedom te specialize in your interest and talent. Your learning curve will go through the roof! 

The traineeship is built on three pillars that form the basis of your career as specialist:

  • SEO: turning a website technically upside down, from HTML code to page speed 
  • Content marketing: writing, editing and spreading meaningful content; copy, visuals, video, you name it 
  • Soft skills: like how to give a kick ass presentation or schedule your time efficiently 

Sander Tamaëla has been working as SEO-expert for 15 years for large international brands: SEO is much more than installing a few plugins in WordPress. At NEWCRAFT you’ll learn hardcore SEO. We go beyond content. I’ll teach you the latest facts on structured data, Voice, AMP, mobile first and HTTP-headers. And don’t forget the HTML basics, CSS and JavaScript.” 

Learning by doing

We believe you’ll learn the best and fastest by practice. After a crash course in digital marketing in the first few weeks, you’ll start working for clients. You’re always working together with an experienced SEO & Content marketing specialist who leads the project. You’ll learn how we’re working in hybrid teams and how we apply our knowledge to make our clients more successful. Our projects are diverse, from a key word research to writing an engaging text or building a new site structure. You’re challenged to use your technical and creative skills to achieve sky high online visibility for our clients! 

SEO & Content marketing trainee Nicky Pieke: “My background is totally different from the digital marketing world so I had lots to learn. Not just hard skills in terms of SEO & Content marketing but also the commercial way of thinking. Luckily my colleagues are patient and I got the time to make that mentality switch.”

Go for it!

You can apply the whole year for the SEO & Content Marketing traineeship. The application proces is as follows: 

  1. You send in your CV and motivation
  2. If we see a match, we’ll call you for some questions
  3. If we’re positive, you’ll come to our office for a first meeting
  4. If this meeting goes well, we’ll ask you to present a case
  5. Are we impressed by your case? You’re ready for the final round. You’ll meet the team lead
  6. If that goes well, we’ll make you an offer. Welcome aboard!


Who you are:

  • You have a go-getter mentality, result-driven mindset and loads of energy
  • You love working in a team and to celebrate successes with your fellow colleagues and trainees
  • You're known for your perseverance
  • You're able to read and write in Dutch on a professional level
  • You have a keen eye for commercial opportunities


  • A Bachelor's or Master's degree; preferably in Marketing, Business Administration or Commercial Economics
  • Working experience (nice to have, 2 years max.)
  • A digital heart that loves everything about Google, creative writing and spreading content
  • Motivation! You don't necessarily need experience in this field, but you have to want this badly!