In short:

  • You develop innovative online animations and video content
  • You translate creative concepts into perfect working code
  • You facilitate A/B testing with a strong focus on branding and performance
  • You make complex stuff simple

What you’ll do as Senior Front-end Developer at NEWCRAFT:

You have a crucial role between creation, programming and data. You’ll work within technology and customer experience in a multi-disciplinary team of designers, copywriters, video editors, ux’ers, digital marketers, service designers and data scientists. You closely follow trends in Display & Video 360, Adobe, Salesforce, Dynamic Creatives, Feeds and A/B Testing.

You bring ideas to life and make creative concepts accessible to everyone.

Within the team you’ll be responsible for the following matters:

  • Inventing and creating perfectly working code (data driven, dynamic, mobile first, cross device)
  • You’ll develop animations, display and video content, landing pages and campaign sites
  • The workflow; setting up and establishing dynamic creations in external feeds like xml, csv or json
  • Process improvements in front-end development and performance way of working
  • Optimizing user experience with A/B testing and customer insights, in which you’re constantly looking for the functional and technical edges of A/B testing tools
  • Integrations of multiple data sources to improve brand experience
  • Implementation code reviews by the team
  • A seamless cooperation between  development/art/video/ux/ui/programmatic and data
  • Innovation of front-end development and technology according to the latest trends and developments


  • Experience in HTML / CSS (HTML5, CSS3)
  • Experience in Javascript (ECMA 6, jQuery)