Get ready to accelerate…
In this traineeship you’re trained weekly by the top pro’s in the business. You’ll learn how to use algorithms to create true business value. At the same time you start working for our A-brand clients to put your new skills to practice, while being coached by senior consultants. Your team lead will guide you on a personal level to ensure an effective and efficient traineeship. You’ll get lots of freedom and you’re encouraged to specialize in your interest and talent. Your learning curve will go through the roof!
The traineeship is built on three pillars that will form the basis of your career as data scientist:
Hard skills: Coding in Python and SQL, working in the cloud with Tensorflow
Machine learning: (un)supervised learning, time series analysis and reinforcement learning
Soft skills: time planning, cooperating in teams and presenting
Joris Jan van  de Loo, data scientist and lead of the traineeship: “These days writing an algorithm is no longer a challenge. It’s about which model  gives the best results in which situation. A true data science super star uses his or her extensive knowledge of tools and models to come up with creative solutions that nobody has thought of before.”
Experience is key
As soon as there’s a project fit for you, you’ll start working for our clients. You’re always cooperating with an experienced data scientist who leads the project. You’ll learn how we work with our clients and how we apply our expertise to make our clients more successful. Our projects are divers; from classifying customers based on behavioral data, predicting prices based on scrapped data, to applying reinforcement learning in marketing problems.
Data science trainee Rob Jansen: “I really enjoy the combination of soft and hard skills. Next to a deep dive into data science I learned how to explain these techniques to people without a bèta background.”
One year later
After your traineeship data science doesn’t hold any secrets for you. The specific role you will have in our data science team depends on your personal interest and talents. You might have become a data science consultant that comes up with new solutions and implements them for our clients. Or you might be a more specialized data scientist that knows exactly how to improve the performance of a model. Who knows, you could have gone in the data engineering direction and you’re making sure our cloud solutions are stable and scalable. Together we’ll find the right place for you in our data science team.
You can always apply for the Data Science traineeship. The application process is as follows:
1) You’ll send in your CV and motivation
2) If we see a match, we’ll call you for some questions
3) If we’re positive, you’re invited to our office for a first meeting with the lead of the traineeship
4) If this first meeting goes well, we’ll invite you to make a case
5) Are we impressed by your case? You’re ready for the last round. You’ll meet the team lead of the Data Science team
6) If this was successful, we’ll make you an offer. Welcome aboard!

Who you are:

  • You're enthusiastic, sociable and love to get things done
  • You have a go-getter mentality, a result-driven mindset and loads of energy
  • You have the right team spirit to celebrate successes together with your colleagues
  • You're known for your perseverance, giving up is not an option
  • Last but not least; you have a keen eye for commercial opportunities


  • A Master's degree with a mathematical background like Econometrics, AI, Data Science or any other beta study
  • 0-2 years of working experience
  • Programming experience with Python, R, Matlab and/or SQL
  • Excellent analytical skills, you love solving complex problems with algorithms and models