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2017 edition

Last year the Erasmus School of Economics and NEWCRAFT joined forces with 6 companies who provided cases for the students. The cases were very diverse, ranging from finding prospects in a customer database to online search behavior, and from media attribution to semantics of social media posts.

A wide range of data science questions, and a lot of interesting data to solve them. The students presented their solutions to their company during the final meetup and many of them are still used.

About the Erasmus Data Case

The Erasmus School of Economics has teamed up with NEWCRAFT in facilitating the Erasmus Data Case. In Q1 2019, 24 MSc students of Econometrics will work on real-life data science cases. NEWCRAFT will connect the students to data cases provided by participating companies to accommodate the program. Thanks to the Erasmus School of Economics’ academic expertise and NEWCRAFT’s business experience, the students will deliver high quality and actionable solutions.

Why join?

  • Gain actionable data-driven solutions in 3 months; 4 students will be committed to your data case, the Erasmus School of Economics and NEWCRAFT provide guidance to ensure high-quality solutions.
  • Connect with data talents of the future; get in touch with bright data minds that are almost ready to enter the market.
  • Establish your brand as a data-driven organization; get the opportunity to show the market and your own organization your innovative projects.

The 24HDC

Every year we organize the 24 Hour Data Challenge. Check out the after movie to get an idea of the energy at NEWCRAFT’s events.