Taking action for nature, together with WWF

Developing 4 concepts together with students for WWF Netherlands to connect young people with nature, during the Service Jam 2018.

To make a significant impact in saving the world, donations alone aren’t enough anymore. With this in mind, WWF Netherlands is looking for ways to get people moving and changing their behavior for the better. This was the perfect challenge for NEWCRAFT’s 2018 Service Jam. The challenge focused on the target group of students. We tapped into that little voice inside of us that makes us feel guilty when we are not recycling, or contributing to a better world. And to focus the challenge on a very important WWF aspect, the theme food was included.


The Jam

During a 9 AM to 9 PM Service Jam day, Design and Sustainability students teamed up with WWF employees to work on this big challenge: ‘How to connect students with nature and collectively take action, in regards to food?’ Four enthusiastic teams focused on different aspects of the challenge and shared their expertises, facilitated by NEWCRAFT Service Design coaches. It was a day full of energy and a collective feeling of really making an impact, that resulted in 4 great new concepts for WWF.

Status: WWF is working to implement the winning concept!

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In 2016, the Service Jam was a cooperation with Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC). The challenge was to smoothen the transition from child patient to adult care. Read the full story here.