Accelerating innovation at Pon

A digital innovation lab to create, test and implement new growth propositions and services for all Pon business groups.

Emerging technologies drive unprecedented change in society. Consumers embrace new technology in the blink of an eye. Their behavior and expectations change rapidly, creating new playing fields. In order to secure a relevant role and position in these playing fields Pon decided to set up a Digital Innovation Lab together with NEWCRAFT – as the launching partner. This Lab facilitates Pon business lines to accelerate the development of digital propositions and services.


Our three-step process (discover – define – develop) is tailored to secure speed (developing prototypes within 8/12 wks), feasibility (user – business – technical) and quality (focus – commitment – learning loop).

Since the beginning of the lab, several projects have started, such as the connected bike, Audi VR Experience, value adding services in the ‘Mijn Volkswagen’ app and the HackaPon.