Service Jam 2016: LUMC Child patient service concept

A smooth transition to adult care.


Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) was facing difficulties with the transition that their chronically ill child patients go through when they reach the age of 18. From being a cared-for child-patient they are abruptly treated as a self-relying adult-patient: a situation in which they are in fully charge of their own healthcare.

The 2-day Jam

The LUMC asked NEWCRAFT to prepare and facilitate a service design jam, to develop meaningful concepts to help smoothen the treatment-transition from child to adult. Over the course of 2 days, several concepts were developed by hybrid teams consisting of parents/patients, doctors, nurses, (industrial) design students, medicine students and NEWCRAFT’s service designers.

By using several design thinking techniques, the teams were able to present 4 very promising concepts to the jury at the end of day two. The ‘CoBuddy’ concept has actually been implemented at LUMC with many success stories as a result.