Organic traffic booster

Increasing relevance for a larger audience

A television service provider was struggling with organic traffic. We set an ambitious goal to increase organic traffic by at least 50% and grow the number of orders through content marketing and SEO.

The kickstart was an SEO scan to find out which keywords needed to be covered, what content pages needed  to be developed and how to adjust the site structure. The website was lacking a customer journey and segmentation, so the next step was to create persona’s. By making dedicated pages for camping, traveling, students, outdoors, and multiple tv’s we made our client more relevant for a larger audience. In addition, we created a blog containing relevant articles for our dedicated segments.

The skills of our experts combined with the experience of the client’s teams resulted in a 99% increase in organic traffic since the new website was released, with twice the number of orders from organic traffic. The improved structure of the website resulted in a 55% increase in the conversion rate.