How to predict consumer trends

Building a predictive model to spot trends and market changes before they become visible in traditional market research.

Many companies put significant effort into market research to try to predict future trends by looking at historic trends and consumer behavior.  However, this is increasingly difficult as technology enables rapid changes in consumer behavior that makes historic information less relevant to future behavior.  Many trends and products start at a such a small scale that they are often overlooked or invisible in traditional market research.

Our Data Science team took on the challenge of building a platform and data model that makes new trends and businesses visible much earlier than through traditional methods, and predicts how big these businesses might become. We integrate various sources of information, such as social media, search behavior, venture capital investments and new technology, and combine this data with more traditional market research data allowing for accurate prediction and forecasting of new trends and market changes before they become visible.

The results can help our clients in spotting new opportunities in a very early stage so they can make informed, data driven investment decisions.