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“The challenging cases, great people and inspiring companies made for a truly unforgettable 24 hours. Don’t miss out on the next edition of the 24HDC!”

What is the 24 Hour Data Challenge?

The 24 Hour Data Challenge is a unique challenge to experience what it’s like to work as a real Data Scientist. Together with your team you’ll work for 24 hours straight on a data case from a well-known company. This year there are 5 companies providing a case, and we have joined forces with Google Cloud to provide you with the infrastructure and tools to solve the data problems.

You will be coached by the Data Scientists of NEWCRAFT and Google Cloud to deliver the best results. After all the hard work it is time to, together with your team, present your findings to a jury of experts. Is your team going home with the big prize of €5000,-?

After hard work it’s time for some relaxing! There are enough opportunities to network with the companies during drinks and dinner at our cool venue. So crack those brains and have loads of fun. In short, an event you don’t want to miss.

24 Hour Data Challenge 2018

Last year NEWCRAFT selected 80 of the best Econometrics, Information Science and Computer Science students out of 160 applicants and assigned them to 16 groups. The participating clients NS, Albert Heijn and LeasePlan all provided a challenging data case the students could wreck their brains on for 24 hours.

For Albert Heijn the students were asked to find out which customer segments are sensitive to certain offers. NS was looking for predictions on which trains are more likely to delay, and for LeasePlan the goal was to gain more efficiency in answering service requests from customers.

The Albert Heijn team stood out because of their structured approach; they put a lot of effort in choosing the right model to crack this case and presented new insights that the retailer could apply directly in its business. Not only did they present several customer segments, but they also showed the most interesting product categories and potential revenue that could be earned by using this information.







Who are we?

The 5th edition of the 24 Hour Data Challenge is being organized by our event specialist and members of team CRAFTHUNTER; the NEWCRAFT traineeship that educates young talent – graduates and starters – in a one year program, on becoming a professional.

During the traineeship, ‘Crafthunters’ participate in a number of trainings to improve their hard and soft skills. Trainings are given by so called ‘blackbelts’, NEWCRAFT’s own experts and external professionals. With knowledge from all these trainings, the trainees are quickly prepared for the digital world. Newly acquired skills are used right away on projects for NEWCRAFT’s clients.

CRAFTHUNTER trainees choose one field of expertise: Data science or Marketing Automation, or SEO & Content Marketing at our daughter company OAK. NEWCRAFT cooperates with large (international) companies and next generation tech companies.

This year the 24HDC crew consists of:

Do you have any questions about the 24HDC? Send us an e-mail at and we’ll help you out!

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  1. What is the 24 Hour Data Challenge?
    The 24 Hour Data Challenge is a yearly initiative, organized by NEWCRAFT. We look for the brightest beta students in The Netherlands. For 24 hours straight, student teams work as real Data Scientists on tackling a case. Skills like data processing, manipulation, modeling and visualization are put to the test.
  2. At what time does the event start and end?
    Last year it started at 9:00 on the 9th of May and ended around 11:00 on the 10th of May.
  3. For whom do we organize this event?
    For bèta students. So do you study econometrics, artificial intelligence, data science or any other technical study?
  4. Which companies provide the case?
    Last year there were five companies providing a case. The companies will be Heineken, Picnic, Ymere and the Police. The fifth company will be announced soon! You will be selected for one of the cases.
  5. What are the prizes?
    This year you can win not one but two prizes! For each case there will be one winner. The case winners will receive a prize from the company who provided the case. Moreover, from the five case winners, one team will win the grand finale.  This team may divide the top prize of € 5,000 over the team members!
  6. Can I apply if I don’t have a team (yet)?
    Of course! We’ll make sure that you have a team.
  7. If I apply, will I (and my team) be assured of a spot to join the 24HDC?
    The selection will be based on your CV. You are most likely to be selected if you are a bèta master student.
  8. What are the costs for this event?
    No costs, another reason to join ;).
  9. What about sleeping?
    24HDC: the name says it all, we work around the clock for 24 hours to tackle a data case. This doesn’t mean you can’t take a nap. We provide the camp beds if you bring your toothbrush.
  10. Any other questions?
    Send us an email at and we’ll help you out.